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In June, I submitted a comment to one of my favorite websites and blogs, Small Business TrendsSmall Business Trends is a great resource for entrepreneurs and always has beneficial information that I can use for Integrity Virtual Solutions as well as recommend for my clients.  The instructions for this blog post were to give your best Twitter tip focusing on one of the following six questions:

  1. How would you suggest other small businesses get started on Twitter?
  2. What’s the right way (or wrong way) to promote your business on Twitter?
  3. What is your #1 Twitter etiquette tip for small business owners?
  4. What is your best tip for getting retweeted?
  5. How do you manage your time on Twitter?
  6. What is your best-kept secret (something not widely known) for using Twitter in business?

One of the tips that i decided to submit for question #6 was:

“Business owners and their representatives should think of Twitter as attending a local networking event.  When you attend local networking events, to be effective, you build relationships, have one on one’s to hear more about their business and vice versa and then, if interested, purchase their product or service and/or help connect them with their synergy partners.  Use the same concept with Twitter:

  • Learn by reading tweets and profiles
  • Build relationships
  • Interact and engage to find out more about your followers
  • Help connect others with their target market or synergy partners

Also, just like with local networking, it takes time so don’t use Twitter thinking that one Tweet is going to make you rich….it won’t!  It’s all about building relationships and networking.”

This may be a known fact for you, but you would be surprised at how many people get frustrated with using Twitter because it’s not bringing in business for them every time that they post a tweet.  Twitter does indeed take time, but look at it as a local networking event.  Set a schedule so that you don’t spend hours and hours there.  Typically, I schedule time in the morning, afternoon and evening for Twitter.

Check out the other Twitter tips that were submitted to Small Business Trends.  The unique thing about this particular Twitter guide is that the tips are from people that have used Twitter for some time and use it on a regular basis.  The tips really don’t get any better than this.  Enjoy!


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